Gold or Platinum

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The following article highlights creating key points you should remember while selecting gold or platinum for your ring. The metal is the most visible part of the ring and it will be used to style and compliment the stones and settings you have selected so do the job of selecting the metal carefully.

Pick a Colour

First question you can ask yourself is about the colour of the ring you would like the most. If your answer is yellow or pink then you clearly need to select gold for the ring and not platinum.

If you opt to get a white ring, then you get to select from gold and platinum as white colour is available with both the options. It is necessary to make clear here that gold is originally available in dark yellow colour. So yellow, pink or white gold get their colour by addition of certain alloys (75% gold + 25% alloy). For further details on gold you can read our 10k, 14k, 18k gold education.


If your centre stones colour will be H or Higher we encourage you to buy a white colour engagement ring since it will enhance the color of your diamond and it will look brighter, how ever, if your diamond is I or above other colours will mask the yellowness of your diamond so it will look whiter than it originally is.

White Gold or Platinum

Many people choose white colour for their engagement ring, since white shows the brilliance and the colour of the ring better and it is getting like the symbol of engagement ring. So if you want your engagement ring to be white then you should choose between white gold and platinum. Here is a quick +/- comparison review between these 2 materials.

White Gold
+ Less costly
+Harder, stronger
+ Scratch proof
+More flexible for changes
– Will lose colour and lust over time (advised to be plated once every 2-3 year)
– Is not as shiny as platinum.

+ More shining
+Will save its colour and shine lifelong.
– More expensive
– Can scratch easily
– Not very flexible for changes

Similarities & Differences

If you buy white gold, initially it looks like platinum but with time it loses its lustre but the same is not true with platinum. This is so because platinum is white in its original colour but gold is made to look white by coating it with rhodium which makes it look shinny but this fades off over time. You can always plate the White gold for very reasonable prices (less than 30$) and it will look like the same as the day you bought it.

It is easy to make scratch over platinum than gold, so if you intent to buy a ring for daily use gold makes the best choice as it is hard to scratch.

As already mentioned above platinum is heavier than gold and its designs are limited with the moulds, since it has more tolerance to heat, it is harder for the craftsman to work on it. Therefore, you can only have the readymade designs and the changes on these designs are very limited.

Can We Help?

So, now that you have the information, will it be gold or platinum? We are available to answer any questions you might have. You can contact us.