Sizzle, Sparkle, and Sapphire: Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Rings

sapphire diamond ring

There’s just something about saying “diamonds” and “sapphires” that invokes elegance and luxury, isn’t there?

Diamond and sapphire engagement rings combine two of the more fabulous gems and create the perfect match…a marriage of two rocks, so to speak (so if you’re into symbolism then this may be the ring for you!).

Naturally, if you like blue, sapphire is the rock of choice. Sapphire also looks great with any type of metal, although it’s particularly striking with silver or platinum. But don’t let that stop you if you’re “set” on gold. Sapphires and gold work well together, too.

Many antique rings and antique-inspired designs use sapphires, so if you like the Victorian style and sapphire, well, you’re in for a real treat! The choices are many.

Getting Emotional

One reason sapphires may be so loved is because of the emotional link. It’s dreamy, after all, the color of the sky and any variation of blue. It’s also a solid color, evoking emotions of loyalty, harmony, and friendship. Hmmm…any guesses why so many like the idea of using sapphires in engagement rings?

Got the Blues?

Blue tends to come to mind when sapphire is mentioned, but let’s not forget that sapphires are available in other colors as well, such as yellow or pink. Say, for example, you don’t want the expense of a yellow diamond – ah ha! Sapphire saves the day! And for those who really like color, sapphires even come in orange or purple! Now really, how great is that?

“Fancy sapphires” apply to any of the non-blue gems, and yes, this term is used by gemologists and jewelers! That in itself may inspire the individualist in you to check out some fancy sapphires in colors that better match your personality (that orange comes to mind.)

And when you put the blueness of sapphires together with the sparkle of diamonds, you get a truly remarkable piece of jewelry. After all, Princess Diana had a diamond and sapphire engagement ring, and she had good taste, didn’t she?

A Bit of Trivia

Fancy sapphires can be more rare than some of the blue varieties, so if you really want to express some individualism, you can combine both qualities of a rare rock and an unusual color.

Red sapphires are unique because they’re also known as rubies. Yep, that’s right – sapphires and rubies are derived from the same mineral! As for content (of color, that is) and cost, the rarest and most expensive fancy sapphires are those that are the most clear and vivid, just as with diamonds. Also, as with diamonds, the cut is very important in releasing the true beauty of the stone, particularly those lighter in color. So it pays to shop around.

Color Me Happy

Whatever color you may prefer in the sapphire variety, from a “traditional” deep blue to a light lavender, a sapphire and diamond engagement ring is a great option. Go ahead and express your true colors!